Spartanburg EMS presently operates 27 units out of 21 stations strategically located throughout Spartanburg County.  All units are equipped and staffed at the Advanced Life Support level and include 20 ambulances, 5 quick response vehicles, and 2 supervisor units.

In 2013 Spartanburg EMS responded to 43,926 calls, transporting over 27,000 patients to area hospitals.  That is an average of over 120 calls per day or one call every 12 minutes.  Despite the steadily increasing call volume over the last decade (29,799 calls in 2003) Spartanburg EMS has remained commited to providing high quality care and cutting edge technology in the most effecient means possible.  


In addition to our daily operations, Spartanburg EMS operates several special operations teams.  These teams include: Tactical Medic Teams, Dive and Swiftwater Rescue, High and Low Angle Rescue, Bike Teams,  and one of four South Carolina Regional Medical Assistance Teams.